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Honda Insight 1.3L Engine

Honda used the 1.3-liter car engine in the Insight vehicle starting in the year 2010. This LDA 4-cylinder motor was produced until the 2015 production year. As a primary motor for a hatchback vehicle, the single overhead cam edition remains a top hybrid block. A buyer seeking the best resource to buy a Honda Insight 1.3L engine on the Internet will appreciate this website.

The main assembly of the LDA block was built in Japan. The motor system operates off of a DC voltage system and is a brushless design. The compact car production at Honda helped to improve the original 98 horsepower in the 1.3-liter to a boosted power level at 5800 RPM. Through iVTEC technologies, the ZE2 sedan vehicles have benefited and consumers have taken notice.

Honda Insight Hybrid Engine Blocks

Inside of the 81 CID block is a respected 174 horsepower. This power level is accomplished by the 8 valves for each cylinder. As a modern day hybrid vehicle, the Insight proved its worth in the motor vehicles industry. While the 1.3L block was part of the discontinuance at Honda in 2015, remaining vehicles in the company fleet are expected to receive the brushless motor.

The Honda Insight engine specs can be different when a person reviews these online. There are some inaccuracies that are reported on some websites. In the used auto parts industry in the United States, retailers and resellers are among the groups of companies that sell to the public. When information is not correct, it can be passed along to hundreds of sources.

The Insight uses a CVT transmission. These models are now standard in most Honda motor vehicles. A rebuild kit can be purchased from a retailer or a replacement gearbox can be found to be compatible. A person who exercises caution when evaluating inventory on some third-party retailer websites can usually avoid common problems.

Honda Insight Hybrid Engine Prices

Using this website effectively can help any consumer. While every effort has been made to provide all known information, pricing is always subject to change. The best way to explore what a current discount price is for a used 1.3-liter Insight engine is to utilize the system available on this page. The warehouse portal provides the most updated price levels for all preowned Honda Hybrid car motors in stock.

The use of a VIN number while searching here is optional. A person should note that no remanufactured or recycled blocks are up for sale on this page. Only the top condition used blocks acquired nationally are provided for immediate distribution across North America.

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