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Honda Pilot 3.5 Engine Used

The first crossover sport utility vehicle in the Honda lineup was the Pilot series. The push to introduce a 5-door vehicle to the American car market happened for Honda in 2003. As a successful vehicle, the Pilot SUV comes with a standard V6 engine block. For someone interested in online motor buying, a Honda Pilot 3.5 engine used inventory is presented at this national resource.

The history of the Pilot design can be traced back to the late 1990s. While performance vehicles were still strong in the U.S., the SUV vehicles built by Ford and Chevrolet were eating away at Honda profit margins. The assembly of the V6 J engine block in Canada helped begin the development of the crossover vehicles that are still in production in this decade.

Honda 3.5 J Engine Specs

There are 24 valves in the 3.5 displacement in the SOHC edition. This is one of the largest motors that still showcases the VTEC timing system used successfully in the Civic. The 2002 edition of the V6 motors provided only 240 horsepower although the 5400 redline RPM limit was a regarded feature. Part of the strength of the Pilot in the crossover design is the front-wheel powered system.

A person buying a used Honda engine for a Pilot or MDX should know that all the trim levels use the same motor block. This makes it simple to find EX-L, EX, Touring or LX engine replacements. The J engine is meant to be used with the standard or automatic transmission. Most newer models of the Pilot are built inside the United States to promote the third generation manufacturing by Honda Motor Company, LTD.

Used 4WD Honda Pilot Engine Blocks

One advantage of the Honda Pilot is the 4×4 offering. Although this has little to do with the motor, it takes a good V6 block to provide the variable torque required in modern SUVs. While the safety ratings have been high for the J 3.5 motors, both AWD and 4WD SUVs are now being manufactured to suit the various needs of automotive buyers. What someone can find browsing this second hand engine resource is a large Honda inventory.

Honda Pilot Engine Problems

Like all modern motors, there can be a flaw or two when consumers are first introduced to different power levels. Some owners of the 3.5 have reported high oil consumption, power problems, check engine light failures and misfires. Consumers planning on buying used 3.5 VTEC engines from PreownedEngines.com are clear from these types of issues. Direct quotes for price and free shipping can be reviewed while accessing the engine locator on this page.

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