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Used Hyundai Tiburon 2.0L Engine

The G4GF 2.0-liter Hyundai engine was used in the Tiburon and other concept cars. In the year 1997, the RD trim package was updated to feature the technologically advanced I4. The compact sports coupe market has quickly been dominated by Korean automakers in all parts of the world. Anyone can buy a used Hyundai Tiburon 2.0L engine using the checkout here.

Beta I DOHC I4 Specs

140 horsepower was the very top speed range for the Beta I 4-cylinder. While this block was not the most powerful, it was fitted with a modified fuel injection package. This inclusion did increase the fuel economy that automobile owners approve of. The cubic centimeter rating in the official specs is 1975cc.

After the 2001 year, Hyundai changed its focus and delivered a Beta II model. The code to identify this unit is G4GC. Some people might not have access to service bulletins or operating manuals to verify this fact. The main advantage of the new version was a variable valve timing system for the camshaft.

A 142 range of horsepower was developed for the Beta II. Along with the Tiburon, the Spectra, Elantra and other top motor vehicles used the 2.0-liter modified block. With a high torque output and reliable build, the dual overhead cam series is still found in second hand auto parts stores.

GS Tiburon Replacement Motors

Who sells used Hyundai engines online? That is a phrase people use in order to locate a reseller. While there are hundreds of sources, the most reliable are certain scrap yards. It takes more to running a yard than accepting any hunk of metal. This is why the POE company deals only with yard owners that supply superior condition products.

As part of a handshake relationship, warranties must be included in the acquisitions procedure. The regular term protects a used motor for up to 24 total months. No consumer has to pay additional expenses to be protected. This is just a bonus.

Cheap 2.0L Hyundai Tiburon Engines

There are variations of the word cheap. The clear definition here means that a good price is negotiated. A careful removal of a block with all wiring untouched is then made. Quotes in price are given out to people who tap into the database right on this page. In order to place orders offline, a generous toll-free number is in place.

All stock parts are included. Rust valves, if any, have been recorded. True and accurate milage when known is turned over to a consumer. There are zero surprises when searching inventory listed at sale prices at PreownedEngines.com.

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