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Chevy Impala 3.4L Engine for Sale Used

Impala cars by Chevy used 3.4-liter engines that were sold between 2000 and 2003. With a long term of production at GM, the compact sedan automobiles were strong in the Millennium. Before supercharged 6-cylinder builds were common, performance came from the 3400 series. Orders for all used Chevy Impala 3.4L engine for sale stock are accepted here.

60-Degree LA1 RPO Specs

By the turn of the century, General Motors had already established itself as a global leader. The L82 engine provided the basics of the 3.4-liter build. With 204 cubic inch displacement, the 9:5:1 compression helped to keep performance in touch. While the 3.8L V6 took over for the LA1 series, people still appreciate owning these versions.

The RPM scale was 5200 in the Impala V6. A higher than traditional 180 horsepower was also supplied. The W-body platform did introduce a lot of room and no decrease in torque. The late model editions that are built globally by GM now feature the Ecotec motor family.

Used Chevrolet 3400 Motors

There is actually an art to purchasing a used motor vehicle engine. Few people who skip important steps end up successful. It does take some understanding of retailers and where products come from. At PreownedEngines.com, things promoted here are straight out of USA salvage yards. Shipping to customers in Canada is never a problem.

The second hand 3400 V6 motors listed on sale here are always reviewed. A direct procedure put in place by specialists improves the levels of quality. No rust or other problems are usually noticeable on shipped products.

3.4L Chevy Impala Engines on Sale

What junk yards sell LA1 engines online? There are plenty. The only way to get a handle on what is shippable is to know the inventory numbers. POE is connected through an electronic process to domestic yards. The most trusted recyclers and dismantlers pull out working 6-cylinder builds that are retailed on this page. Everything from warranty terms to free shipping offers is what someone can look forward to browsing.

The steps needs to get a price quote are simple to follow. The warehouse computer system promoted here needs a production year or VIN number to calculate prices. When that data is submitted, an MSRP with a discount can be reviewed. Phone support is always taken care of by knowledgeable staff when calling the number on this website.

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