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Used Infiniti Q45 Engine On Sale

Nissan used a V8 engine in its Infiniti Q45 sedan for sale in the USA. There were multiple instances of 8 cylinder blocks in this luxury sedan. The bad news is that a person can no longer buy a brand new Q45. They are no longer in production. What people do though is look for replacement parts. PreownedEngines.com has a used Infiniti Q45 engine on sale at the lowest price.

Infiniti Q45 Engine Specs

For a 16 year period, Nissan put a lot of emphasis on power in its V8 engine blocks. There were three builds that are synonymous with the luxury brands. The VH45DE is the second installation. This was 4.5L a 278 horsepower edition. The next install happened with the VH41DE. This was the 4.1L edition.

The block that most people appreciate is the VK45DE. This had the highest power range at 349 hp. It was often in front of the four-speed automatic or five-speed automatic transmission. It desirable especially when found in good condition with low miles. We have an exclusive inventory of the units described on this page.

Q45 Parts Warranty Program

Anything that came installed at the Nissan factory is included in our warranty. This does not include the replacement alternator, water pump or other mechanic parts. The wiring, valves, gaskets and hoses are all stock and protected. The mileage is verification procedure is conducted as much as possible. Steps like these are integral to our business.

The factory warranty period is around the two year mark. This covers a self installation or one from a service center. As long as the motor is not beat up, the policy kicks in once it is activated. The point of sale is the time a consumer can initiate the coverage. Once it is ready to go, there is no more worries.

Q45 Engine for Infiniti Sedans

Quality is important for secondary industry retailers. Purchasing through a junk yard is our speciality. We sell to yards. We sell to resellers. We even sell to a person who fixes his or her own automobiles. Everyone pays the same fee. Shipment charges are on us. The truth is that we have a very small warranty claim amount annually. The products are so good that we never have to mess with that stuff.

The full price quote can be accessed using our standard price tool. It is a programmed database full of our partner inventory. What we do not have in stock we get through other places. The sale prices are always locked in. Try us as your used Infiniti engines provider on the Internet. We are always growing. Additions to our company come in many forms. From employees to new stock, big things are happening here.