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Isuzu Rodeo Sport 2.2L Engine Used OEM

Rodeo Sport vehicles used a 2.2L engine just like the Amigo in the USA. This build was a 4-cylinder design that was part of the GM Family II series. Often found with a 5-speed overdrive transmission, the Isuzu vehicles were popular in the early 2000s. While using the tools on this website, people can buy an Isuzu Rodeo Sport 2.2L engine.

2.2-Liter Motor Specs

With only 130 horsepower available, the SPFI fuel injection was still installed by General Motors. To complement most of the electronic controls on the block, a sizable 5200 RPM rating was given. The 2198 cubic centimeters worked well for the sport utility vehicles.

Holden is one of the companies that first mass produced the 2.2L I4. Under an agreement with GM, imports were brought into North America. These were for sale for a few years until termination of the Amigo and Rodeo Sport editions.

134 cubic inch displacement exists in the 2.2-liter 4-cylinder versions. Laying the ground work for a successful business relationship with Isuzu paid off for GM globally. The use of reliable automobile motors and torque-heavy gearboxes helped sell millions of vehicles.

Rodeo Sport Motor Warranties

With inventory displayed as preowned on this website, people often ask about warranty protection. No one should ever agree to buy without protection for parts. There are some original components that are not able to be found due to import issues. These are more commonly replaced through secondary outlets.

The used Isuzu 4-cylinder motors presented with a sale price here do include coverage. The base package does include a 24-month policy. An activation of each plan is necessary shortly after the point of sale. This is strictly to help online and offline buyers.

OEM 2.2L Rodeo Sport Engines

What is pulled from the inventory of salvage yards is what can be ordered here. While some retailers sell anything, quality standards are super high at PreownedEngines.com. In order to ship something to a customer, a review and report must be submitted by an expert. This is the only validation that is accepted to keep a solid reputation going.

Ordering on this page or by phone is fast. Input the data that the quotation tool requests or make a call offline. Either way, a low price is always guaranteed for a B-Grade used Isuzu VIN D 8th engine.

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