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Jaguar 4.0 V8 Engine for Sale

Jaguar cars sported the V8 4.0 liter engine starting in 1997. A sale was attached to the XJ8 and XK8 automobile class. It is true that you get a lot when you buy a luxury automobile. The components that are featured are always state of the art. When Ford owned Jaguar, development of the very Jaguar 4.0 V8 engine for sale we have took place.

Specs of the AJ26 Motor

The code name internally at Jaguar to mark the 4.0 liter was AJ26. This was a reference to the firing order and the position of the camshaft. Natural aspiration is not a new concept to gasoline blocks. The full size V8 relied upon this to keep the block from overheating at such high performance specs.

Nearly all of the motors produced in the late 1990s had cast iron blocks. Things have changed these days and aluminum alloys are now present. One thing for sure in the engineering of the Jaguar 4.0 V8 engine was the horsepower. Just the OEM build presented 290 hp to motorists.

Cars Using the 4.0 Engine

There were three automobile trim styles in the U.S. market. Each of these cars were promoted for performance, price and public persona. Just the very thought of owning a Jaguar with a smaller V6 motor was enough to lead people astray. The decision to install the more powerful V8 helped increase annual sales before the year 2000.

You can install the used Jaguar V8 engines we have in stock into the following cars:


The compatibility with the automatic transmission is 100 percent. No changes must be applied to get things to work right. You can go to your auto dealership or a mechanic to ask for assistance dropping the 4.0 liter into your vehicle.

Free Parts Warranty Option

POE always gives out warranties. These are written to withstand even the pickiest of consumers. For a full 36 months, we are under contract together. What you buy is in the condition that we say that it is in or we fix the problem. Your coverage plan will begin on the day that your order is shipped.

Buy Used Jaguar Engines Here

Our inventory improves with each passing week. If you wait too long, our sticker prices might go up. Luxury vehicle parts including motors are in demand. There are scrap providers and general dismantling experts that help us with inventory. You can buy a certified used block for less than you think at POE.

Your quote will explain the selling price. One of our staff will expedite your order and process it so that it gets shipped immediately. No waiting means you get to benefit from a faster installation. This is appreciated throughout the USA and Canada. Take your pick of our stock right now.