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Jeep 258 4.2 Engine for Sale

The 258 is a 4.2 liter inline 6 cylinder engine found for sale in Jeep and other 4WD vehicles. Its 8:0:1 compression made it one of the top cast iron blocks to debut in the year 1971. This build is one of the only products to survive the AMC-Chrysler buyout. Production continued until 1990, but a Jeep 258 engine for sale can be found here.

The valve configuration is the vintage OHV type. The I6 package did include a regular carburetor as well as one that was electronic controlled on some Cherokee SUVs. Even with the small 110 horsepower, the 4.2 L Jeep engine is still remembered for its reliable functionality in the domestic vehicle market.

Specs of the 6 Cylinder 258

The numbering on the housing of the block refers to the cubic inches inside. The CJ, Wrangler and Wagoneer all promoted the power of the standard motor. Before the development of the PowerTech 3.7 liter, Chrysler put a lot of emphasis on staying true to the original American Motor Corporation design.

The net, not SAE, horsepower is around 110. The fuel type and general care have a lot to do with just how reliable the stock models will be. PreownedEngines.com stocks classic complete Jeep motors with the intent to distribute these to consumers. A partner in our database will likely be the shipping provider selected.

Reliability of the I6

Just like any older motor, a little maintenance will go a long way. Keeping clean oil pumping through the block will decrease sludge and metal shavings that end up clogging the system. The engine must be cool and might have trouble starting in subzero temperatures.

Any person who has messed around with a carbureted inline 6 cylinder before likely knows the care and attention these require. A warranty plan is a policy document that is provided along with a successful sale through POE. The plan will cover up to three years, but not everything attached is in the documentation.

Prices for Used Jeep Engines

Obtaining information before someone plans to submit an order is a good thing. The application where quotes are obtained is found on the top of this page. Even an Apple tablet or smatphone user will find the tool be easy to use. A full sticker price that includes free shipping is what people have access to review.

One extra option is to call our company by phone. We have instituted a toll-free number that connects to the service call center. The reps that speak with consumers know almost everything to know about Chrysler or AMC products. Explanations of terms of sale along with setting up delivery dates will be discussed.

Dealers across the U.S. and Canada are welcome to use the system too. Shaving off a few bucks from the average price online never hurts anyone.