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Jeep 5.2 Engine for Sale

5.2 is the engine by Jeep that made its way for sale in the Grand Cherokee in 1993. This unit runs entirely on unleaded gasoline unlike some larger V8 editions that are diesel powered. The block itself already had a near 15-year history prior to Chrysler putting these into the SUV class of vehicles. POE is one place to find a Jeep 5.2 engine for sale that is shipped quickly to your door.

There are not too many specs that are like what is found in the 318 cubic inch V8. Coming in at around 4800 RPM, the Magnum motor family was given MPI fuel injection at the start of the 1990s. The Dodge Ram 1500 already had this engine during the time the Cherokee platform was modified.

5.2 Jeep Motor Specs

The total of main bearings in the Magnum 5.2 is five. The total horsepower is usually 230. The thing that Chrysler was consistent about was parts production. Unlike in other manufacturing years, not that many third-party companies were offering parts that were installed on the bigger V8 builds. This kept the quality higher and people were happier.

The truth is that a maintained 318 block with usually outlast the regular transmission. It is not hard to put on 200,000 miles and not experience the need for repairs. Consumers who own a broken in Magnum do not always part with them. Only seasoned junk yards that acquire model years up to 1998 have stock that can be ordered.

V8 Block Warranty

Do the head gaskets leak? How do you fix a cracked camshaft? Why does the 318 stall in cold weather? These types of questions are not ones that are asked by consumers ordering here at PreownedEngines.com. Since a warranty is just as important as a timely deliver, no person is forced to keep repairing the same known problems with the 5.2 liter motor.

A package that a person has upon ordering does feature a 36 month parts plan. When this coverage is activated, a person can request repair assistance if required. In the most common of cases, it will never be necessary to get help by enforcing the warranty terms of sale. The mileage is logged, appearance is validated and shipments are delivered safely here.

Buy Used Grand Cherokee Motors

One frustrating element of purchasing replacement auto parts is the often high price tag. Because retailers are not in the business to lose money, many companies jack up the cost of even the worst condition components. POE has enabled a different approach. By working with companies that do provide discounted inventory, a person can pay more than a fair price for a used 5.2 318 Jeep engine online.

A very accurate quote computer is always accessible to use here. Please choose the year of production and make for any SUV that needs a lower cost motor. Once the data is given, the full and honest price structure is revealed. Two easy to understand options are then give to a person to help with order placement.