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Jeep Commander 3.7 Engine for Sale

3.7 is the engine type used in the Commander SUV at Jeep when for sale in 2006. This mid-size vehicle was the offered design that did improve annual sales figures at Chrysler. Even though regular production stopped in 2010, aftermarket sales of the Sport and Base editions still take place. A Jeep Commander 3.7 engine for sale is available here at POE.

EKG is the option code that Jeep uses to identify its PowerTech block. With its 210 horsepower, there are few rival models that can match the overall output. There are dual heads casted out of aluminum that are attached to every 3.7 liter V6. Chrysler kept the single overhead cam instead of improving the block.

210 horsepower is the maximum output for the 90-degree base. With its 5200 RPM ratio, the sequential fuel injection system was a nice pairing. A low but respected 226 cubic inch displacement supplies the capacity of the motor. The PowerTech was built in the city of Detroit in the United States.

Like the Cherokee before it, the Commander was an instant hit with consumers. Because of the reputation for good fuel mileage, going with the 3.7 liter engine was the choice that people made over the higher powered V8. The block was coined in advertising materials as the Next Generation Magnum because of its solid build.

Salvage Jeep Motors

What someone will locate upon visiting this PreownedEngines.com website is a big variety. While we are known for pickup truck components, we do specialize in sport utility vehicle components too. Through a second hand dealer relationship, procurement takes place for various motor types that consumers request.

What is presented to the buying public on this page is in used condition unless referred to as remanufactured. The selling price might change upwards or downwards depending on the condition of the complete 3.7 used engines in stock. A factory rebuild that utilizes brand new parts might be a little more expensive.

Prices for Replacement V6 Engines

Most of what is in the Fiat-Chrysler inventory is available through nationwide junk yards. Digging through these companies in order to pull out the very best inventory is a tough thing to accomplish. By keeping our database open to the public, pricing data is easy to view through the real time tools we provide. Each complete product is quoted first before someone can submit an order.

Evaluations are typically performed to check for coolant leaks, air leaks and normal operating temperatures. A parts warranty is a feature that is part of every complete sale. Pricing that is unavailable through the web system here is given out through a phone call. Speak to our team today if additional assistance is needed before you buy a used Jeep engine online.