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Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5 Engine

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The Grand Cherokee from Chrysler sold through the Jeep brand had its first four-cylinder engine in 1995. The standard AMC 4.0 V6 engines were replaced with the 2.5L. This build was used for a period of three years as one of the entry-level engine types available. Buyers hoping to find a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5 engine receive instant pricing here at PreownedEngines.com.

The 2.5 build was created by Chrysler for use in its van series and smaller passenger vehicles. The Voyager van series is one of the types that used the four-cylinder 2.5. The placement into the Jeep series marked a first for a smaller engine type. There are two different builds offered with the 2.5 series engines. A diesel option is offered as one of the first Jeep builds with a diesel engine.

Used Jeep 2.5 Engines for Sale

Buying a Jeep engine is relatively easy. It is the retailer selection process that some buyers struggle with. Learning the compatibility of engines is just one part of the pre-selection process. Because Jeep engines can use more than one engine build, getting assistance from a company that has all builds in stock is crucial. The Preowned Engines company has most of the Grand Cherokee engines in stock through the 1990s and up to the current year.

What about an engine warranty? It is common for many dealers to shorten or even eliminate warranty coverage when engines are sold. This increases profits although deteriorates reputations. All used auto engines promoted for instant sale on this page are offered with warranties. Every used Jeep Grand Cherokee engine for sale distributed here is covered for up to 36 months. This is an OEM parts warranty designed to provide instant protection to all U.S. engine purchasers.

How to Buy Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5 Engines

Learning how to buy used engines is important. There is more than reviewing pricing that needs to be completed. The milage verifications are essential to learning the overall quality. Every PreownedEngines.com company engine shipment has validated mileage. This proves the above average quality. Buying one of the 2.5 units in stock is an easy process through this page. The first way is to request a quote in price. This happens through this page. Automated price quotes are easy to retrieve here.

The second way is to call toll-free offline. There is a complete engine staff ready to take all customer service calls. While prices are given out through this number, it is the additional services that are critical. Questions that are asked receive instant answers. A helpful associate can even match a VIN number to make sure the 2.5 series is the right engine replacement needed. Any person who requests a quote in price using the phone support method is presented with outstanding customer service.

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