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Used Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 Engine

The Grand Cherokee by Jeep used a 4.7 V8 engine from 1999 to 2005. It is one of the strongest blocks in modern history at Chrysler. The block code name is PowerTech. It was offered as the official build in the Second Generation and Third Generation manufacturing of late model SUVs. PreownedEngines.com always has used Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.7 engine inventory at a sale price.

4.7 PowerTech Motor Specs

Although Dodge installations were common, the use of the standard edition 4.7 was reserved to Jeep models. Up until the year 2002, not much changed by way of integrating more horsepower into the Grand Cherokee. The delayed decision was finally made to input the 16-valve HO (high output) V8.

This edition reached up to 305 hp. It was a considerable change from the base 235 horsepower offered previously. The cast iron block is very strong. It has all aluminum heads and is a SOHC version. There are 297 cubic inches on the block. The chain drive mechanism is common in Chrysler products.

Quadra-Drive V8 Compatible

The transfer case in the 4×4 Cherokee trim is different from the AMC design. New electronics and other features are common. When someone shops for a 4.7 l Jeep Grand Cherokee engine, the first thing he or she does is look at the price tag. What needs to be stressed is the review of the exterior parts first.

Tiny bits of rust will be on the casing of every SUV motor. When these get out of control, it does damage return valves and other parts. A good condition block should be able to maintain the 0 to 60 in about 7.5 seconds rating. POE only has the finest condition Jeep Grand Cherokee motors for sale.

V8 Jeep Engine Buyers Guide

Take a look at any visual damage. Be certain that something is not out of place. Auction sellers are not the most honest people to deal with. Sometimes, the photo is not even the real unit being sold. This is why going direct to a respected retailer is recommended. The mileage is one aspect of things to review. The size, weight and transmission compatibility should also come into play.

4.7 Engine for Jeep Grand Cherokee

It pays to buy used. From the POE warranty to the shipping speed, nothing can beat what we have on this website. Calculating how much a replacement will cost excluding the installation is really simple. Take a look on this page at our engine price app. This is a new technology we have in place.

Little things like mileage counts, actual condition and free shipping are just some of the details people review. Paying less and getting more is a good rule to live by. It is what built the very foundation of our company. Choose your used Jeep engines dealer wisely.