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Jetta 2.5 Engine for Sale

The 2.5 is a Jetta automobile engine that was for sale from 2005 to 2014. VW manufactured this block without its traditional TDI technology. The build is an unleaded gasoline engine that has five cylinders. The construction was part of the Fifth Generation A5. Undertaking the procedures to find a replacement Jetta 2.5 engine for sale is pretty easy using this POE website.

Specs of the I5 2.5 Liter

9:5:1 is the listed compression according to Volkswagen manuals. The issuance of variable intake timing was a first on this smaller version of the V10. A top range of 170 horsepower was standard in all blocks. The 5700 RPM is a well deserved rating for an average sedan. The SE and SEL trim offer the VW 2.5 liter motor. The 1.8 in the Passat was smaller in comparison.

It is common to find the five-speed overdrive manual transmission as the primary shifting source in the Jetta. Since the diesel technology was not supplied, this model worked better with the five cylinders that were available. Fans of the sedan vehicles di not seem to notice that the fuel economy was slightly less.

As far as problems are concerned, not very many were reported or addressed by VW. There are no comparable motor blocks to the I5 series. The reliability is something that all of the vehicles are noted for in worldwide circles. The salvage market is an excellent source to locate a relatively low priced block.

Jetta Compatible Motors

The turbo direct injection systems as well as the standard fuel options make up the import PreownedEngines.com inventory displayed here. Even if someone does not need the regular model, a quick search of this website will provide all available stock on hand. The junk yards and other facilities where products are removed from are quality resources within the United States.

About 30 miles per gallon is how much fuel economy to expect in a used Jetta engine. This number can be less if there are airflow issues from within the block. Consumers shopping this portal are always treated to a free of charge warranty policy. It is this documentation that is expected to cover repair fees if something goes wrong.

Buy Used VW Engines Here

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