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Used Kia Rio 1.6L Engine

Rio cars from Kia used the 1.6L B6 Mazda engine for the first time between 2000 and 2005. Partnership agreements made it a reality to use the smaller and more trusted I4 series motors. The first generation production of the Rio as a compact vehicle helped market the technology in the motor in the global auto industry. People using this website can still find a Kia Rio 1.6L engine for a good price online.

When someone begins to estimate how much it will cost to fix up a vehicle, it is normal to ponder the cost for a motor swap. It is not always simple to come up with an accurate figure for a Kia Rio engine replacement cost. Knowing what the different 1.6-liter engines were and what years they were used can help. There are basically 3 separate builds that were spread out over a 15 year period at Kia in the United States market.

Rio First Generation B-Series I4

A larger build was tapped in the 2003 year to showcase more horsepower in the Rio automobiles. A 16-valve version was produced that perfected the 1586 cc size. This provided a much needed improvement in the power of the Kia vehicles. The horsepower was limited to only 104 hp. There was direct compatibility with the 4-speed and 5-speed gearboxes produced by Mazda.

Kia Second Generation Alpha II Engine

After the 2004 year, changes were made to the motor blocks based on success in the European market. A newer build was produced and offered in the USA and in other parts of the world. The GF4ED was known as the Alpha II class of motors. A significant increase to 110 horsepower was supplied on this edition. This block was the same edition found in the Hyundai Accent. Someone buying a Kia Rio 1.6 engine for sale will choose this model.

Third Generation Kia 1.6 Gamma Engine

The motor code for the 2011 and onward builds is GF4D. The major difference between the second and third generation production was the bigger boost in horsepower. A 138 hp level is achieved in the updated Rio5 series vehicles. This build is known as the Gamma series and has been the most successful edition to date. This model is much different from the Kia Rio engine in 2004.

How to Order Rio Engine Block

To place orders on this website, verify if the unit is in stock that matches a specific VIN number. This is achieved by specifying the year and the model of a Kia or Hyundai based vehicle in the search tool here. Prices are determined in real time and are locked in for applicable discounts.

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