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Kia Sorento 3.5 V6 Engine for Sale

The Sorrento by Kia used the 3.5 Sigma V6 engine starting in 2003. A sale on this crossover SUV model meant that performance was not diminished. Most people who own this vehicle have either an automatic four-speed or a five-speed transmission inside. PreownedEngines.com is a web source to get a Kia Sorrento 3.6 V6 engine for sale cheap.

3.5 Sigma Motor Specs

The construction started in 2003 for the Sigma series. This was destined to become the next DOHC block known worldwide. While it never quite lived up to what GM or Ford produced, Hyundai manufacturing of the 3.5 liter series was respected. The 2004, 2005 and 2006 model years continued representing the V6 class.

The main four trim versions of the Sorrento SUV could be fitted with the 3.5 motor. The L, limited, SX and EX were options for consumers. The cubic inches add up to 213. The horsepower topped out at 194 in all versions. The multi-port fuel injection did give a small increase to the overall power output.

Reliable Kia Sorrento Inventory

POE pulls all of what people shop for here from sport utility vehicles. The complete block is taken out professionally. What this procedure involves is a proper inspection and removal of the product. A parts expert goes through and checks that any factory parts supposed to be attached really are on there.

A test that involves checking the oil pressure and compression is administered. One last glance to examine the mileage is then performed. We list what the count is on the order section of the price quote. A steam cleaning is one way we keep the dirt and oil off the motors we sell.

Buy 3.5 Sorrento Used Motors

The Kia company is represented in more than one displacement in our warehouse. The smaller platform builds along with the V6 size are showcased. A discount price is something that we are proud to display. The computer quote form that is mobile compatible is given to users of our website. Choosing the correct year and the gearbox size is one way that we match up what you are looking for in our Kia inventory.

You can verify what we are giving to you by checking our references. No bad things are posted on the web about what we do or who we are. It highly unlikely you will have a problem to report to us. In the case that you do, we step in immediately and help you. If you active your warranty plan, we will probably cover any issue. Get your complete discount price and compare it to the MSRP on this page. Call our professional team by phone to order.