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Kia introduced its Sportage line of SUV vehicles in early 1993. The concept of a crossover vehicle was appealing to a wider audience of vehicle buyers. There were different body styles depending on the types of vehicle motors that were used. The first generation blocks were quite different from the ones used in later years. This resource gives any person the option to buy Sportage engines without using classifieds or auction websites.

A period of nine years were used for the first generation of the Sportage production by Kia. A three-door and a five-door body style was used to provide more exterior options to consumers. The original layout of the first series of four-cylinder motors was a front engine design. This was used to provide support for the rear-wheel drive setup that was found in the early models sold in the U.S. market.

Specs for Kia Four-Cylinder Engines

The first motor type that was available in the 1993 year was the FE family editions. These were I4 base motors that were borrowed under license from Mazda. The original horsepower was listed at 128 although the SOHC and DOHC editions had different ratios. All vehicles that were equipped in the United States for the Sportage used a variation of the 2.0 motor until the 2004 year.

Sales were slim in the auto market for the foreign crossover editions and a second generation build was introduced for the 2004 year. The body design was changed to a four-door design and a much larger engine was offered. New families of motors were now being used inside of the Sportage. The 2.0, 2.7 and diesel powered editions were made available to SUV owners. A person ready to make a Kia Sportage motor swap can buy a unit in used condition using this PreownedEngines.com resource.

Where to Buy Kia Sportage Motors

The online options that are given to each visitor of this website helps to remove any complications during the buying process. The history of Kia SUV vehicles has shown that a good price should be available to all who request pricing. The same philosophy is taken at this resource. Discount retailers offering good pricing for Sportage motors for sale are found using the automated finder on this website.

A person who is experiencing Kia Sportage engine problems will find help here using the quote system. The prices given are easy to read and always include the cost of a warranty. Taking good care of a motor always begins with oil changes and continued maintenance. All motors that are presented to buy using the finder on this page are evaluated blocks that are ready for a vehicle installation.

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