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L26 Engine for Sale

The L26 is the RPO code GM used to identify the 3.8L engine while it was for sale. It was built in the year 2004. It ended its production in 2008. This assembly was known as the Series II motor. It is not the same as the turbocharged model found in some Buick vehicles. You can still order an L26 for sale shopping on this website.

3800 V6 Specs

There was more than one block built over a period of 20 years at GM that used the 3.8 liter displacement. Natural aspiration is one concept that was included in the manufacturing. The used 3800 engines that we showcase on this page are original models. These hold a 9:4:1 compression rating.

The lack of the turbocharger did not stop the 3.8 liter from becoming popular. General Motors installed it inside of Buick and Pontiac motor vehicles. If you are trying to match up what vehicles this unit can fit inside, the following list might help you:

Grand Prix

You could even do a custom installation if you are into that. People get things to fit by modifying the mounts and hooking up the components. It is not impossible although sticking with known compatibility is always the best route.

Warranty for 3800 Series Parts

All parts that are original. We never sell you something that has unknown components attached. Even though some things might be deteriorated, we have determined that no problems exist. It is this confidence that has led us to develop a lengthy warranty policy. All consumers take advantage of this protection without costs.

The only thing someone will need to do is validate the coverage when ordering. It is free to do so. Without this step, we would not know who needs protection and who does not. The used L26 V6 motors that we provide are shipped quickly to North American locations.

Prices for Used GM Blocks

You are requesting a price on a complete block. This has been inspected. It comes with the stock parts. The mileage is something that we always try to verify. Consumers get a good deal because we put so much time into choosing good inventory. Through junk yards and other companies, we supply most of the Northeast and Southeast U.S.

Your full price quote awaits you here. Put in the production year of your vehicle. We might even ask for the size of your transmission. When we know what you have, we can calculate exactly how much you will need to spend for a replacement. Our number is toll-free. We believe in offering web-based and offline support seven days a week.