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L99 Engine for Sale

The L99 is V8 engine block that is now for sale inside the Chevrolet Camaro. This 6.2 liter displacement build is a continuation of the Generation IV construction. With a top speed at 6200 RPM, plenty of power is available for people to play with. PreownedEngines.com has a good price on all L99 engine for sale inventory here.

Specs of the L99

The block is made out of a cast aluminum material. This is not only lighter, but it does repel heat too. The compression is 10:4:1. This is quite a feat considering the size of the block has not changed too much. The engineering at General Motors is always coming up with new things to add to its series of V8 engines.

Sequential fuel injection is now the platform for most Chevrolet sports cars. The 6.2 liter is confirmed to work with the all-new 6L80 transmission. There are 376 cubic inches placed into the build of the L99 GM engine.

Unlike the late model Vortec platform, a change to active fuel management is paying off for General Motors. Like Honda, horsepower is able to be proven and improved by adding in variable valve timing controls. The camshaft is one of the strong points on the bigger and badder V8.

Crate 6.2 Motors Used

You can buy a complete build from POE. This includes all essential parts. It is not just the shell like what you can find from catalog dealers selling motors online. The block does come to you in a wooden crate. It is wrapped and professionally guided the entire way. Our North American shipment points make delivery really easy to schedule.

The used 6.2 liter engines that appear here are taken from 2010 to current year Camaro SS vehicles. Yes, some people do junk vehicles if water damage or collisions occur. You can and should buy a performance block from a secondary source. The mileage is low and so is the use. It is a win-win scenario.

Prices for GM L99 Engines

The V8 you are requesting pricing for on this page was built in Canada. We can ship there too if needed. We take the condition of the build and the interior stability into consideration when we determine a sale price. This does keep in fair for all buyers. We are not going to provide you with a rust bucket. There are automotive standards and ethics that we abide by daily.

As a consumer, you can view pricing and then make arrangements to order. Examine all sticker prices by looking in our quote tool on this page. When you have what you want, call us to begin completing your order. We assign a special number to your quote that helps lock in the rate that we display to you.