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LCV Engine for Sale

LCV is the RPO code for the 2.5 liter engine used in GM vehicles. Sale began in North America in the year 2012. This Generation III block is now the primary I4 motor found in the ATS by Cadillac and Malibu by Chevy. Due to its use of variable valve timing (VVT), fuel economy has been improved. You can buy an LCV engine for sale here.

The four-cylinder base is one that General Motors has perfected over the past few decades. Few other automakers have invested so much money and technology into building quality smaller sized motors. A two-stage oil pump is one the new features found in the 2.5 LCV engines.

Specs of the 2.5 I4

GM built its latest editions using a cast aluminum casing. Since the power rating goes up to 7000 RPM, a strong and durable polymer needed to be utilized. The Cadillac variants made use of the 6L45 automatic transmission. This six-speed model does improve the workflow for drivers when better shifting is required.

The 11:3:1 compression is quite large for a regular four-cylinder build. The 2457cc mixed with the larger 150 cubic inch displacement means extra horsepower for car owners. The block is quite in operation due to the isolated fuel rail system. This mechanism is now standard on all post Vortec motors at GM like the LKW motor.

Warranty for Replacement Parts

A defect is just one problem that could prevent a second hand LCV engine from running properly. While a lot of faith is put into construction quality, some auto parts do fail prematurely. A replacement component is quite expensive when a dealership is the only source to purchase from. POE retails products here that come with a full warranty.

Every used 2.5 Chevrolet motor that is distributed starts with a basic 24-month plan. The documentation describes what is covered due to breakage or failure. Just like with all national policies, there are certain things that are not protected. All consumers are encouraged to read and understand each document to learn what OEM parts may not be included.

Used LCV Auto Engines

You can buy direct on this page. A prompt and accurate quote is tallied by the application that is featured here. Consumers who supply block information and vehicle data are presented with a ‘buy it now’ button upon use of the app. A sale is processed through this store or can take place offline.

Calling us to ask a question or to place an immediate stock order costs you nothing. We absorb the price of the call as well as shipping costs in many cases. Take the next step and deal with a fair and balanced company instead of relying on auction sellers that cannot be verified. Every professional that is working for this company is here to assist a consumer or auto body personnel who requires a second hand Chevy I4 motor.