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LD2 Engine for Sale

Cheap Pontiac Quad 4 motors in stock.

The year was 1987 when the Quad 4 LD2 was built. GM needed to bulk up the power of its lonely 4-cylinder blocks. Sometimes called a twin cam, the straight-four design sported a 2260cc power level. Because there were assembly factories in all branches of the company, the Oldsmobile division took the credit for the 2.3L builds. A person seeking help to find an LD2 engine for sale will find all inventory on this website.

OHC 2.3L Lansing Blocks

The specs were improved annually for the Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile versions of the upgraded four-cylinder. Early development on a single overhead cam edition saw the light of day, but did not make it to mass production at General Motors. The Michigan plant was the sole facility that produced the LD2 performance motors in the United States.

Cars that used the Quad 4 block include:

Grand Am
Z24 Cavalier
Grand Prix
Cutlass Supreme

In the early 1990s, a high output model was produced that could achieve as much as 180 horsepower. The RPO code was changed to LG0 to identify this series. The original naturally aspirated LD2 engine is highly regarded as the most successful straight-four block.

The compression ratio was modified several times through to the 2009 year. A setup of 9:5:1, 9:7:1 and 10:0:1 rounded out the variations. The W41 was the performance version of the Quad 4 platform. Keeping the overhead cam design was crucial to the success of the non-V6 motor base at GM.

Problems With the Quad Four

While no official bulletin was released, some people did complain of engine misfires during the production run of the 2.3 and 2.4 versions. This is believed to be due to the lack of a distributor system on the OEM versions. The ignition system was an advanced set up, but plastic casings on the plug wires could melt during operation. This is one issue that does plague some versions of the four-cylinder series.

Where to Buy LD2 Engines for Sale Online

New life can be injected into any vehicle that needs a complete motor. By dropping in a used version, prices are lower and installations are a little easier. Confusion among auto parts buyers happens when they search the second hand offerings of retailers. Preowned Engines has a huge inventory of checked out blocks that are available to ship any hour of the day.

The features on this website include more than the history of the Pontiac Quad 4. A programmed computer system has been setup with the most respected database of junk components distributors. Access is granted to any person who has a VIN number or at minimum a model year to use as a search metric. Getting a real quote that includes the cost of freight is error-free here.

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