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Lexus LX450 Used Auto Engines

A 4.5L LX450 engine for Lexus SUVs is sold here online. All products are used condition and verified for mileage.

The history of Toyota sport utility vehicles can be traced to 1995. While the Land Cruiser receives a lot of press for its design, the LX series was the very first entry in the U.S. auto industry. Knowing a little about the past success of the Lexus brand can help a new motor shopper.

24-Valve Lexus Engine Blocks

The iron block was a solid I6. The specs include a fuel injection system. The actual code for the motor is 1FZ-FE. This model is by far the simplest to work on for Toyota produced cars. Between 1995 and 1997, millions of vehicles had the DOHC 4.5L under the hood.

Coupled with a 4-speed transmission, there are 212 horsepower delivered in the LX450. This translates to 4476 cubic centimeters. The purchase of any product on the used market does come with a degree of caution. Paying attention as a consumer and buying through a trusted source yields the best results.

Warranty Plans for LX SUVs

Toyota along with its rivals sold great warranty packages with every vehicle. There are some that protect up to 75,000 base miles. A preowned motor vehicle engine usually exceeds the covered warranty amount. PreownedEngines.com has a third-party plan of protection available.

Every order that comes through the web or phone system is automatically covered. The junk yards and wrecking yards nationwide that distribute the parts back the warranties up. Nothing that is retailed should be installed without knowing the length of coverage.

Buying Certified Lexus Auto Parts

An A343F transmission is the four-gear model that works with the 4.5-liter 6-cylinder sold here. To receive the best consumer level pricing, a match of a VIN and model must be completed. This all takes place using a digital procedure. The tool on the top of this page is not just for searching inventory. It is used 24 hours a day by people inquiring about sale prices.

In order to get the price data out of the system, a production year can be entered. If this is too difficult, a call to the support department is equally helpful. A real, live expert in Toyota-Lexus parts is available. Not only do these pros submit a price on demand, a comparison in MSRP to a competitor is expressed.

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