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Lincoln Aviator 4.6 Engine

Luxury vehicles surged in popularity in the early 2000s. Both the U.S. market and Canadian market had a lot of room for automaker competition. Ford manufactured its Aviator SUV for sale through its Lincoln subsidiary in 2002. One of the most popular blocks used in this vehicle brand was the Lincoln Aviator 4.6 engine. This U1 platform motor can be purchased from this website.

What is a Modular V8 Motor?

The launch of the InTech motor, known as the 5.4 in Ford Trucks, was the first creation of the Modular Ford design. A dual intake is offered on each of the heads to provide more air flow. This creates a vacuum that ultimately increases the amount of torque a motor can provide without decreasing the fuel economy.

The 4.6 engine is one that gained popularity in the Town Car and was later adopted for use in SUVs. While this motor has 32 valves and is front mounted, it is setup for use with overdrive transmissions that are either four or five-speed. There are noticeable comparisons to the Aviator and Explorer pertaining to the engine quality.

DOHC 4.6 Engine Specs

While the original design did come from Lincoln vehicles, Ford did produce a Mach 1 Mustang that made used of the dual overhead cam induction system. These motors are known to offer around 18 miles per gallon although different fuel can affect this number. The luxury Aviator SUV benefited greatly from the 4.6 engines.

Are There 4.6 Liter Ford Engine Problems?

Some light-truck and SUV owners who have used the 4.6 and similar engines have reported higher fuel burn off and leaking valve stems. While these issues are minimal, the best care is provided through routine motor maintenance. All certified used Ford motors that are offered below MSRP on this website are in good shape.

A warranty extension is part of the purchase price for every 4.6 block. What this offers is an immediate way to protect the lifespan of a preowned Aviator engine. Because the 2005 year was the final year of Lincoln Aviator production, a good warranty is a crucial selling point for the average motor buyer.

How to Buy Used 4.6 Modular Engines Online

There is an engine finder linked to each page of this website. This offers one of the first ways to search national inventory at the touch of a button. Because finding the most affordable price is important to auto parts buyers, every price tag showcased with a DOHC 4.6 motor is as low as possible.

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