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Lincoln MKX 3.7 Engine for Sale

The MKX by Lincoln has used a 3.7 liter engine in V6 size during its sale nationally. Usually linked with a six-speed automatic transmission, the TI-VCT block has proven to be a long-term strategy by parent company Ford. An improvement to the power handling of the crossover SUV class happened in 2011. There are still plenty of ways to buy a Lincoln MKX 3.7 engine for sale here.

The CD3 platform represents the early editions of the MKX vehicle. While first advertised with a Duratec 37 V6, a change was initiated during the second generation of manufacturing. All CD4 platform sport utility vehicles at Lincoln came with a newer Cyclone block inside. A buyer who is researching which unit to purchase should keep that information in mind.


The heavy weight of the cast iron metal is one reason why Ford engineers decided to go with a diecast aluminum base for the TI-VCT 3.7 engine. It is the DOHC that really shines when put through its paces. A total of 229 cubic inches were mated with 10:5:1 compression ratio editions. The top rating is 303 horsepower according to SAE tests.

What affords a person to locate a used 3.7 Lincoln engine is the work of recyclers and resellers in the auto parts industry. There are trade-ins and other ways that a company acquires a block that is preowned. Scouting different suppliers allows POE to find a provider that does not charge too much for a V6 replacement.

Warranties for Lincoln Parts

A spark plug problem is generally something a consumer can fix. In terms of more severe issues, a warranty is usually needed to offset out of pocket payments. All people who go through the ordering procedure on this website are offered a warranty plan. Base plans start at 24 months of coverage. This time period is put into place to protect nearly all of the components put on the block in Lincoln factories.

There is currently no additional charge applied to the MSRP to get a warranty policy. When products are shipped to a commercial address, freight is typically absorbed into the selling price. There is a minimal charge for a delivery to residential address within the United States. Exact terms for a completed sale are given at the time of ordering upon request.

Buy Used MKX Engines

A quick review of vehicle information is the only thing PreownedEngines.com requires to display current sale pricing. The inventory pricing tool that we feature is always up to date with the latest numbers. The stock on hand, its sale price and applicable shipping fees are presented automatically. Using a mobile-friendly device or computer, use the system on this page.

A telephone number that is free of charge to call is listed here. A buyer or someone who just wants a quote can speak with our team right now. The largest secondary supplier list for used Lincoln V6 motors is what we deal with. Aside from the savings and long-term protection, people can shop in one click using the tools we have designed.