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LT7 Engine for Sale

LT7 is V8 engine block that has been on sale at GM since 2006. It is known for being used inside of the Z06 and Z28 vehicles. With a huge compression ratio of 11:0:1, people who use this block know that it means business: serious business. Even though it is offered in stock and crate forms, anyone using POE here online can find an LT7 engine for sale at a very affordable price.

Specs of the 7.0 Liter Block

Generation IV is the period of time at General Motors when the LT7 was designed and manufactured. It has kept the 427 cubic inch displacement alive in the North American market. Aside from the 6-speed TR6060 transmission compatibility, the 90-degree block that is so famous was not modified.

6200 RPM helps the 7.0 to max out at 505 horsepower. The titanium rods that are built into the block are very stable. There are two valves for each of the cylinders that are in the 8 cylinder engines. The SFI fuel injection platform has been pretty reliable at GM since the switch from the MPFI years ago.

Chevy Salvage Yard Motors

PreownedEngines.com constructed its own dealer-to-dealer network. It is no longer a requirement to have automotive dealerships and other providers as a partner. Through good connections with spare parts suppliers, the very used LT7 engine inventory that is posted here is possible to order.

A barrage of testing is what confirms the facts that consumers want to know. A detailed analysis is conducted to validate the block mileage, if gasket leaks are present and the overall condition of the aluminum housing. All of these measurements combined provide the details that are delivered to consumers.

No one orders a complete Chevrolet V8 motor here and goes without a warranty plan. Even though not all OEM components are written into the policy, we do a good job of offering the best protection for no extra money. A recent change is now in place that improves upon the standard terms to include up to three years of coverage for regular inventory.

Replacement V8 Engine Pricing

Anyone who shops by this page to estimate a price is in good hands. No only is the information accurate, but the computer here is open for daily usage. No log in requests or a password need to be utilized. A clear presentation of what is in stock, can be shipped out and will be delivered is provided. The discounts come straight off the MSRP for all of the used Chevy motors inventory we showcase.

Since not every person who wants to buy an LS7 motor is an expert, POE offers immediate customer support. The toll-free support line that people call when help is needed is a nice addition. No one should be taking risks when trying to locate a second hand motor block for an expensive vehicle. Let the team here customize the best price and explain the no cost shipping solutions in place.