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Mazda6 Engine for Sale

The Mazda6 vehicle first used a 2.3L MSR engine in the U.S. in 2006. This platform was part of the first generation of production. The mid-size saloon body type was the one chosen to house the I4 block. There are many variations of a motor that can be swapped. Consumers ready to buy a Mazda6 engine for sale can find a low mileage variant here online.

Specs of the Mazda6 Motors

After the 2008 year, a change impacted the engine choices for consumers. A newly manufactured 2.5-liter block was ready by the 2009 year. The American and Canadian public was able to choose between the regular 4-cylinder or 3.7-liter V6.

Mazda L was the family selected for the 2.3 and 2.5 series. These were the same blocks that were marketed at Duratec in the Ford Motor Company. After the year 2011, the Skyactiv series was created. This secured the 2.5L as the primary motor in the Mazda6.

The inline design fits well with the 184 horsepower range. The regular specs in owner’s manuals reveal that 38 miles per gallon is available with the I4 model. Consumers seeking a second hand auto engine shop on this website with confidence.

Mazda6 Engine Swap Cost

The variations in block design must be known before swapping a 6-series motor. The speed6 engines are a common change for car owners. The costs always depend on what retailer is selected. Most used condition builds available on the web are pulled from salvage yards.

The POE company inspects and validates what inventory is taken out of junk yards nationally. Only the very best pricing and quality is obtained by way of negotiations. The American companies that provide what can be ordered here are spread out in almost all 50 states.

Buy 2.5L I4 Mazda Engine Blocks

Price does mean something these days. It should, however, not mean everything. What about a warranty? How many block miles are there? Will an OEM transmission be compatible? There are tons of questions that a regular person has before ordering.

There is a database consumers access right here. If a vehicle identification number is known, this should be provided in the system. When a search is made, only then can a price tag be displayed for every four-cylinder build. Order checkout is available as well as phone support. Excellence in service is appreciated by adults who shop here daily.

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