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Mercedes E550 5.5L Engine Used

Mercedes debuted is 5.5L engine in the E550 vehicles in the 2010 year. As part of the E-Class W212 series, this new motor type was created as an alternative to the 4.7-liter brand. The Daimler AG company went to work quickly to provide a motor block that could be used in both the saloon and estate cars. A person who is just now researching the luxury vehicle parts market will find a good price on a used Mercedes E550 5.5L engine here.

The specs for the M278 motor block include a 284 cubic inch displacement. This series was used after the 2010 year in the U.S. market. While little changed with the base model, the standard 382 horsepower package was updated to the 402 package. Some people who selected the upgrade were able to choose the turbocharged version of the 5.5L motor blocks.

E550 AWD Replacement Motors

Mercedes has always provided a good power range inside of its vehicles. One thing that has not changed is the dual pairing of AWD and 2WD options. The Mercedes E550 AWD motor replacements that are found here comply with all OEM specs. These units were taken right out of dismantled E-Class vehicles in the North American market. This helps to achieve a better block condition due to not buying direct through a distributor.

A person who might choose to buy a preowned Mercedes motor on the Internet will usually have questions about what models are compatible with certain gearboxes. The E550 Mercedes engine inventory that is provided at this website has already been tested to work with the 7-speed 7GTronic transmission. The miles per gallon has also been validated. A regular person can expect a 16 to 24 MPG in a top condition block.

Buy 5.5L E550 4Matic Engines

When a reliable dealer is selected, risks are often minimized for motor problems. People who buy from auction websites have an increased risk due to some sellers not supporting a long-term OEM warranty for parts. Someone who is shopping for the first time at this website can learn about the history of Mercedes vehicles as well as how much it costs to swap an E550 motor. While not all information can be posted here, it does provide a point of research.

Order processing can be completed in a couple of clicks of a mouse here. A person can also buy a 4Matic motor with a couple of taps on a smartphone. The inventory now shipping across the country includes the costs for freight and the third-party warranty policies. Pricing that is presented at PreownedEngines.com is subject to change although all quotations are locked in for people who request them.

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