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Mirage LS 1.8L Engine

The 1.8L engine in LS Mirage cars was used between 1993 and 2003 in the U.S. auto industry. After success in the Japanese market, a shift was made to start using the LS nameplate in domestic markets. People who start a search for a Mirage LS 1.8L engine from Mitsubishi do have more than one choice to make. Shopping this website will help deliver the best prices available.

There are two grades of motors that have been featured in the LS trim edition. A turbocharged variant was added in the early 1990s to complement newer technologies in fuel systems. A regular gasoline model is the unit that is most requested by average people who own Mitsubishi vehicles. A choice of either style of the Mitsubishi Mirage 1.8L engine is offered here online.

Carbureted and MPI Blocks

While the ratio of compression did change in the 1.8-liter series, the fuel system was also updated. The entire block is based around the 4G93 family. Some of the blocks were carbureted while others received the mulit-port fuel injection systems. The regular SOHC edition was a 16-valve build. The turbo version was a dual overhead cam model that featured a “T” in the engine code.

Apart from the Mirage LS, the Carisma, FTO, Putra and Lancer each used a variant of the 4G93 or 4G93T motor block. This compatibility is why there are many people who still seek out the older Diamond Star or Mitsubishi built 4-cylinder motors.

A third option, known as the GDI, was introduced in the 2000s. This gasoline direct injection version remains quite popular on the used market. While the compression was updated to 12:0:1, this series was only available in Japan and other non-U.S. markets. Regardless of which block a person needs for a swap, any used 1.8L engine for sale on this website is ready for hassle-free installations.

Buy Mitsubishi I4 Car Engines

Starting out on this website to find a replacement block is an excellent decision. The acquired builds that are featured here for sale are OEM editions. These have not been modified or rebuilt. A standard edition used model is what can be ordered. For a person who is unsure about quality levels, the included warranty is more than enough to help a person decide to buy. The used automobile engines on sale here daily include many Mitsubishi brands.

Searching for a replacement vehicle motor under MSRP always takes place using the warehouse portal here. PreownedEngines.com supports the use of this system to provide not only inventory numbers but price information. Specific cubic inch displacement information, VIN data and other things that motor buyers want to know can be uncovered here. If that is not enough, a toll-free customer number is always available to provide additional support.

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