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Mitsubishi Galant 2.4L Engine for Sale

The Galant by Mitsubishi used 2.4L I4 engines for nine-year period in the U.S. Two different variants were installed to boost auto sales. The seventh generation was the first American version to use the 2.4 displacement. While shopping this website, a used Mitsubishi Galant 2.4L engine is always for sale here online.

4G64 and 4G69 Motor Specs

Production of Mitsubishi automobiles hit a peak in the mid 2000s. The base 4-cylinder 4G64 was installed for the first time in 1994. This was the main variation in use until the 2003 year. A 145 horsepower block ruled until a change after 2004 was made.

A 4-valve 2.4 was manufactured as the 4G69. Horsepower was improved to 162 giving the performance a much needed boost. Aside from the Galant, the Lancer and Outlander received the newly improved build. The dual blocks found in Mitsubishi vehicles are in the inventory on sale here.

Someone can tell the 4G series apart by reviewing the VVT. Only the late model editions have the revised camshaft modules. The most proven method for obtaining a used Mitsubishi engine with low miles is to use certified resources.

Salvage 2.4-Liter Used Motors

Are junk yard engines reliable? There are some consumers that have ordered a block and had nothing but problems. On a national level, the failure rate of scrap auto parts is actually very small. How retailers combat problems is working with a dismantler that certifies products.

The Preowned Engines company has more than one hundred sources to buy used Galant blocks in top condition. These are the same builds that are resold to the public when accessing this portal. Quality is always higher because of a specialized evaluation process.

Buy 2.4L Mitsubishi Galant Engines

The toll-free phone number that people can call here is open seven days a week. This gives even the busiest person enough time to discover a price quote. Specialists are the only workers giving out a calculated price for second hand inventory presented on this website.

There is a web formatted tool usable to research using a smartphone or regular computer. If a Mitsubishi VIN number is known, this can be inputted to double check what is in the warehouse. When something is marked shippable, it is priced and available to order. This happens to be a private and efficient way to compare MSRP from scrap yards and other wholesalers.

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