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Monte Carlo 5.3L Engine for Sale

The 5.3L V8 engine was used in the Chevy Monte Carlo during its 2006 redesign. It was for sale only for a two-year period. The older big-block 454 utilized in the 1970s was the basis of the LS series blocks in the 2000s. No one can deny the history of the coupe automobiles at General Motors. Anyone can acquire a used Monte Carlo 5.3L engine for sale here online.

Specs for the 5.3-Liter

The RPO is LS4 for the SS version of the 8-cylinder block. This identifies the right build. A 325 cubic inch displacement was selected for the main design. The “W” vehicle platform was setup to use both 3.5L and 3.9L auto engines. The move towards bulking up the power helped market the Super Sport Monte Carlo to a new audience.

The heavy-duty transmissions built in Chevy plants were offered in 2006 to 2007. The 4T65E and its HD counterpart were automatic assemblies. These were needed because of the power level of the 5.3-liter 8-cylinder. The transverse mounted motor fit well with the 6500 GVW automobiles.

Only 303 horsepower was output in the LS4 engine. In earlier years, Chevrolet vehicle surpassed this amount. The Muscle Car decade provided the nostalgia for people who appreciated what the SS Monte Carlo offered in the mid 2000s.

Warranties for Generation IV Motors

At POE, no one buys anything that is not covered under a warranty plan. There are mistakes made by buyers on eBay and other websites routinely. Smarter consumers appreciate customer service. When issues happen with a used product, it can be such a hassle getting help. The three-year plans of coverage added for used 5.3L engines here are excellent.

Prices for Used Monte Carlo Engines

The V8 is not the only version available to buy here. Someone who needs the smaller V6 has access to this inventory. A full scale of discounted MSRP price details are found here. The database of automotive salvage suppliers is always open. People who know the VIN number will find a match quickly in the system.

There is also offline support available. The gasoline motors that are acquired preowned on this website can be ordered by phone. The toll-free line is setup for a consumer to call. A friendly associate provides every available detail to callers. A price quote, term of warranty or a mileage count is always supplied.

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