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Used Nissan Rogue 2.5 Engine Best Price

Nissan installed the 2.5L engine in the Rogue in the year 2008 to market its 4-cylinder SUV brand in the U.S. The crossover appeal of the FWD and AWD editions has proven to be successful for Nissan. Now entering its second generation of manufacturing, the Nissan Rogue 2.5 engine that can be purchased at this resource is one that is in used condition.

One of the selling points in use by Nissan for consumers who buy the Rogue vehicle was to use a CVT gearbox. This allows all vehicles under the C platform to provide an effect of manual and automatic gear ratios. Like most North American auto companies, the design and installation of constantly variable transmissions is in an effort to improve fuel mileage and performance.

QR25DE Engine for Sale

The 4-cylinder 2.5 motor block is part of the QR family of DOHC builds first offered in the year 2000. While the X-Trail and Primera were two vehicles that used the first version of the 2.0-liter, the Rogue has been updated to use the 170 horsepower QR25DE engine. This has provided a boost in performance of approximately 23 hp on average. The cast iron base of the motor does not affect the compression ratio during operation.

Nissan offers the 2.5L block in the S, SV and SL versions in the United States and Canada. The Nissan Rogue engine inventory that is presented at this PreownedEngines.com website has been acquired recently. This gives people a chance to browse the expanded inventory of foreign automaker brands that are placed on sale daily. One of the important decisions that someone will make prior to buying a replacement SUV engine is choosing a retailer ahead of time.

Buy Used Nissan QR Engine Inventory

Paying factory direct pricing is only possible when a wholesaler is used. Most consumers do not have access to the type of discounts that would be offered to a standard parts supply store. The PreownedEngines.com listed inventory on this page is complete. This means that although what is found is used important parts are not missing from the block. The oil pump, piston rings, pulley system, bearings and freeze plugs are in tact.

The special web order pricing for a Nissan Rogue 2.5 CVT on this website also applies to people who place phone orders. Keeping track of where a block is shipped is something that the warehouse team does with perfection at POE. Shipping within the USA is usually free of a person ordering used Nissan engines online. There are some exceptions although most orders can qualify for this offer. Discount prices are always delivered accurately. Complete OEM parts warranty coverage is always included.

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