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Nissan Titan 5.6L Engine Used

Since 2004, Titan trucks from Nissan have used the 5.6L engine in the United States. As both a two-door and four-door pickup truck, the full-size Titan has remained a hit with people who do not buy Ford, Dodge or Chevy pickup trucks. The strength of the V8 is a factor in buying decisions, and the consistent workload provided in the 4WD platform makes the Nissan Titan 5.6L engine a good value.

Both the King Cab and Crew Cab trim models offer the same motor block. The VK56DE build is manufactured in the USA in the state of Tennessee. As one of the biggest Nissan builds, the DOHC series is rated at at top speed of 317 horsepower. It is more common for a person to push the Titan to the 305 hp level. There are a total of 4 valves for every cylinder in the V8 edition.

5.6L Truck Motor Blocks

To help get the most power out of the Nissan Titan engine, a powerful automatic gearbox is factory installed for all trucks. The F-Alpha chassis platform makes it possible to produce a reliable powertrain build. The performance of the block is by far the most important ingredient in any type of manufacturing. This is why the Titan is now in its second generation of global production.

Not all people who seek ways to replace a truck motor are hoping to find an OEM build. There are plenty of Nissan Titan engine upgrades that people finish. With the help of third-party components, there is a lot that can be modified in the VK56DE V8. Getting the most out of the acceleration while achieving a level of safety has been pioneered by engineers at Nissan.

The long and short bed design may or may not be carried into the production of the XD or standard edition Titan trucks after 2016. Cummins is one of the manufacturers that has agreed to develop a diesel powered motor block for entry into the truck series. This will make the Nissan Titan 5.6 V8 more of a hard to find item.

Find Used 5.6L Motors On Sale

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