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Oldsmobile Toronado Used Engines On Sale

Buy 1986 to 1992 Toronado engines for Oldsmobile cars here online.

A 3.8L V6 VIN C or VIN L are the two main engines in the fourth generation Toronado. After relying solely on Oldsmobile 5.0L and 5.7L models, a change was made in the late 1980s. The installation of the 170 horsepower Buick block proved to be one success at GM. This was the very first fuel injected motor for the 3.8-liter series. Auto owners can by Oldsmobile Toronado used engines on sale here daily.

V6 3800 Engine Specs

A whopping 170 horsepower was given to vehicle owners upon purchase of the Toronado base and Trofeo trim versions. The front mounted design was not changed for the remainder of the production schedule. There are 231 cubic inches that define the Buick motor version.

Only one type of gearbox was attached to the 6-cylinder edition. The 4L60, formerly 700R4, is the version that most people remember. The four gears paired well with the slightly improved performance of the block.

People who want to swap out a motor in a Toronado by Oldsmobile can still buy a replacement. While there are few online dealers, PreownedEngines.com does have a respected GM parts inventory posted on this website.

Low Mileage 3.8L Motor

How can you save money buying a second hand engine? The real way to cut costs is to find an adequate supplier. Mechanics have a trade secret. These professionals tap the auto parts at junk yards to find non-advertised savings. POE takes the same approach although has constructed a network solely in the United States.

Mileage can ruin any block. People who have had a car breakdown know this fact. A vehicle can be salvaged for a variety of reasons. Regardless of the method, a talented dismantler knows when to pull out motors that have low counts for miles. What can be explored in the inventory here is a variety of complete builds.

Prices for Used 3.8-Liter Gas Versions

While there is an assortment of diesel products here, the units marketed on this page are gasoline powered. Every product is unique. Any rust has been documented. A check for valve gasket leaks has been conducted. A grade has been given to all inventory shippable. True and fair pricing is what people explore using the parts interchange system here.

If more help needed, place a call right to the service professionals at the number supplied. It is possible that the web system might be undergoing maintenance. A real person will quote a price and allow a direct comparison with another competitor. Keeping the business of current customers is important.

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