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Outlander Sport 2.0L Engine Used

The Sport package of the Outlander vehicle used the 2.0L engine in the USA between 2004 and 2006. As a Mitsubishi build, the crossover SUV design was paired up with two types of gearboxes to satisfy the AWD requirements of consumers. First assembled in Japan and moved to North America, the Outlander Sport 2.0L engine class is one of the brands for sale at PreownedEngines.com.

The second generation series showcased the updated 2.0-liter DOHC block although these were not offered in America. The Outlander vehicle series was built with the GS platform and is able to use I4 and V6 motor types. The fuel economy has remained strong in this vehicle series due to achievements in powertrain products. The Outlander Sport mpg has been verified for all used blocks listed on this website.

4G63 2.0-Liter Sport Motors

The block in the single overhead cam build is rated for 162 horsepower. The strength of the cast iron casing mixed with the on-board computer control provides a stable 2378cc motor. The MPFI fuel system is part of modern manufacturing and has been adopted by most auto companies in the global market. The Sirius series blocks were the first to incorporate Mitsubishi branded variable timing technology.

The Outlander used the first edition 4G64 during the year 2003. This build was nearly identical to the 4G63 although a slightly lower horsepower offering was found at 145 hp. There are only 8 valves in the block of the early 2.0-liter Outlander motor. Someone who will choose one of the dual units available should match the VIN number prior to going through with a purchase. This will be a big help when placing an order.

Used Mitsubishi Outlander Engine

A quick search through the inventory at this POE website will offer a person a lot of value. Not only are the prices less than MSRP, but there is a warranty policy that is included. People should not have to pay extra to acquire a parts protection plan. The distributors that have made it possible to carry the used Outlander SUV motors for sale listed here guarantee the coverage. A person who will make a purchase can validate the OEM coverage immediately after processing is completed.

The 2.0L crossover SUV motors that are on sale at this website are shipped promptly. A person who did not find the answer to all questions on this portal can call for information. A support number is one of the features that a person finds using this website. Mitsubishi did a lot of things right when designing the performance of its I4 blocks. Introducing these variants to the public at a price people can afford is the job undertaken here.

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