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Volkswagen Passat 1.8L Engine for Sale

The 1.8-liter Passat engine showed up in the U.S. in the Third Generation models. The CL trim was marketed with the 8-valve version. While upgrades later included much larger blocks, there is still an international demand for the gasoline Volkswagen Passat 1.8L engine on sale here used. Price checks and ordering is made simple using the database.

Standard and Turbo VW Motors

The early to mid 1990s cars were straight gasoline powered editions. Turbo technology was later included in the 1.8L displacement. These units are marked with a letter “T” to identify that a turbocharger exists. Most of the late model VW builds include the t-series.

The ID code to identify the 1.8 is usually G60. This is the base induction version that sported a 158 horsepower level. The 20-valve turbo is the newest build that is for sale nationally and in used condition here at PreownedEngines.com.

The Passat trim is one of the most regarded in the Volkswagen lineup. As a successful sport vehicle, global sales continue to climb annually. There is still an assortment of blocks that can be found as preowned in the United States. This is always good news for a parts buyer.

Used Passat 4-Cylinder Engines

Deals have been made with Volkswagen junk yards across America. What is up for sale here will be initially supplied by these partners. This means more quality. This also means a faster shipment method. It is always best to request a life gate service when getting any used VW engine delivered.

Checks and balances are not just for the financial market. In the automotive world, second hand components always need verification. High mileage is not the kiss of death. The average gasoline powered Passat motor can easily tackle 200,000 road miles.

Buy 1.8-Liter VW Passat Engines

Purchasing direct is what causes price drops and savings. To get started here, someone only needs to supply a VIN or other identifier. The parts database of complete blocks is then opened up. This can be sorted or arranged to find the lowest MSRP. A warranty is naturally included as a customer incentive. The general plans cover about 24 months.

Quotes are handled through a phone or web procedure. A deal does not always have to include a negotiation. People shopping here are pretty amazed at the sale prices. The result of an excellent dealer-to-dealer relationship is what continues to drive pricing downwards. Calling by phone at the number provided is a good way to get introduced to used VW engines inventory.

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