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Plymouth Horizon 2.2L Engine

Plymouth Horizon vehicles used the 2.2L engine block from the 1981 to the 1990 year. Chrysler debuted the Omni by Dodge and the Horizon by Plymouth as fuel-efficient cars. The early editions were designed with a carburetor and were based on the first model K-series motors. These builds can still be found in gasoline editions on the web. Someone staring a search for a Plymouth Horizon 2.2L engine can find inventory on this site.

The straight 4-cylinder configuration is what the 2.2-liter was built upon. The block was a cast iron version that was offered in a single overhead cam configuration. It was not until the mid-1980s when Chrysler started using its SPFI fuel system with its smaller K-series engines. The economical motor vehicles that were built from 1977 to 1980 used VW I4 motors instead.

Non-Turbo 2.2 I4 Motors

Chrysler updated its regular class of vehicle engines in the year 1985 with a turbo model. These were designated as I, II or III depending the type of car. Someone hoping to find a Chrysler 2.2L turbo engine for sale might be disappointed. These are hard to find and are not part of the POE inventory presented on this page. Only the naturally aspirated 84 hp to 96 hp blocks are available.

The standard editions have a 135 cubic inch displacement design. These are cast iron and do provide 8:8:1 compression. A person who will conduct a Plymouth Horizon engine swap should understand the differences inside of each unit. This can save a lot of stressful research and planning time. Anything that will find a Chrysler or Dodge vehicle can be found when reviewing this portal.

How to Order 2.2L Plymouth Horizon Engines

There were good and bad years of production for I4 series vehicles in the 20th century. As technology as improved, the way that components were machined took auto engineering to new heights. Whether someone needs a 1988 Plymouth Horizon engine or an 89 model, these can be located easily here. Anyone with a valid credit card, checking account or cash can place orders.

The system used to help sell motors on this website is always updated. What this does provide is a perfect way to price a second hand block for any automaker type. Someone who is able to add the year and the nameplate of a vehicle can easily find what sale prices are supplied and when orders will be delivered. This is a much better system than waiting on a public auction to close or browsing the web for a discount Plymouth engine dealer.

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