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Used Pontiac Firefly 1.3L Engine

Firefly was the name given to the 1.3L engine cars at Pontiac in Canada. Starting in the year 1985, Suzuki co-branded a number of vehicles with General Motors. An agreement was reached to start mass production of the Firefly and Sprint compact cars. The Forsa was transformed into a fuel efficient economy vehicle. A person with a need to buy a Pontiac Firefly 1.3L engine can use this auto resource to find good prices.

The Suzuki G10 engine build was the block tapped to provide the power in the Firefly. This small motor was only 3 cylinders until it was updated in the Geo Metro several years later. The automatic and manual transmission worked together to even out the torque. The Canadian market was the first and only market to receive the mid 1980s Firefly vehicles produced by GM.

1.3-Liter Used Pontiac Motor

There are a total of 61 cubic inches found in the 1.3L class 2 motors. The automatic gearbox did not include a lockup torque converter. The gas mileage was different depending on what gearbox was being used. The automatic powered cars had an MPG of 34 to 39. The manual powered cars were 43 to 49 MPG.

The Pontiac Firefly automobile had its final year of production in the year 1994. The Metro had already taken over in the U.S. market and sales were stagnant. The Pontiac Firefly motors for sale that are found at this website are OEM units. This means that only working vehicles were tapped to remove the blocks.

Order Used 1.3L Firefly Car Engines

Whether a person lives in Canada or the U.S., placing an order for an authentic motor is never a problem here. Because of the intuitive interface, a person can start the ordering process quickly. A quote must be established first to lock in the price savings. This is completed for the 1985 to 1994 model years. Once the production year has been validated, a VIN match will be performed.

A quick display of the low sticker pricing is then viewable using the automated engine finder at PreownedEngines.com. A chance to buy a motor block or to retrieve more information is supplied. This is by far the simplest and most effective process for buying replacement Pontiac engines online. Each second hand Firefly car motor comes complete with its OEM warranty plan. Free freight is supplied to people scheduling a shipment to a business.

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