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Pontiac G6 3.5L Engine for Sale

The G6 by Pontiac used a 3.5L engine during its time period of sale in the North American market. Build by GM to takeover where the Grand Am left off, the G6 was marketed in several body styles. The convertible, coupe and sedan each sported a separate version of the V6. People who visit this auto parts portal can find Pontiac G6 3.5L engine for sale inventory here.

3500 V6 High Value Specs

New development of automobile motors helped GM to find its place with its High Value family. Between the years 2004 and 2010, no less than three versions of the 3.5L were produced. The first installation was the LX9. Up to a maximum of 201 horsepower are featured in this first edition block.

After the 2007 year, a change was made to the G6 performance. A revised LZ4 RPO code was added as a dealership option. The top speed for this block was 217 hp. Changes to air flow and adding VVT were two improvements that were received well for the 6-cylinder base.

The third and final build was the LZE option. 211 horsepower were achieved through active fuel management. The (HF) gasoline powered motors that were installed in the G6 were experiments in automotive engineering.

The six-speed and four-speed transmissions were a standard with the Pontiac brand. Some people confuse the late model concept motors as being available in the USA.

Used G6 Complete Motors

A replacement 6-cylinder assembly is the only products for sale on this portal. Each unit is a secondary market find. What this means to a someone who has never purchased a motor before is that the series is not new. These have been pulled out of Pontiac cars. A test of the functions has been conducted in order to provide a letter grade to all stock on hand.

Price Quotes for 3.5L Inventory

Right on this page, a quote tool can be found. When someone knows the RPO code or VIN number, full access to price information is granted. There are real professionals who know the second hand motor industry that sell units here. Getting help from one of these professionals is simple by phone.

Making contact with these experts is the first step to complete the quote or order process to buy a replacement Pontiac G6 block. Details about what warranty terms come with each shipment are supplied. If someone needs to estimate the cost of residential shipping costs, this can be complete while on a phone call with the associates.

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