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Used Pontiac Montana 3.4L Engine

The Montana minivan from Pontiac used a 3.4L engine for the first generation of production. This automobile was marketed in the USA as the Trans Port in the mid 1990s and re-badged for sale. The year 2006 was the last year of production although motor blocks are still available through salvage providers. The Pontiac Montana 3.4L engine inventory here is sale priced.

3.4-Liter Minivan Engine Specs

A total of 204 cubic inches are part of the package of the 3.4L base. Known as the LA1 design, the V6 performance was able to reach a peak of 185 horsepower. The RPM rating is 5200. The 3400 6-cylinder was one of the most widely used blocks in the van class at General Motors.

The drive train is a front wheel design. The standard U platform chassis provided the structure of the Montana series. The ratio of compression was 9:5:1. The total production period last only six years until the change to the SV6.

If a person wants to buy a first edition model, using this website is a good choice. There are other variations of the 6-cylinder found in Canadian and U.S. vans. The 3.5-liter and 3.9-liter are examples of what is still available for consumers.

Complete Pontiac Gasoline Motors

Aside from the advanced steering system, an important thing to know is that the Pontiac Montana vans were built in the United States. These were exported to other markets as sales grew annually. What was solid about each one produced is the quality of the powertrain.

The four-speed transmission also came standard on the 3400 versions. To effectively swap out a complete block, knowing what the mileage count is beforehand is helpful. Getting a block that has low usage and less rust does provide the longest usage.

Problems with GM V6 Van Engines

Coolant or oil could leaks have been reported from busted valve gaskets. One of the more common consumer complaints is fluid leakage by consumers. Check engine light issues and head gasket malfunctions are some of what the public has reported in the 6-cylinder powered minivans.

Buy 3.4L Pontiac Blocks in Stock

Customer support is one integral part of selling used auto parts on the Internet. By keeping the MSRP lower, more people can benefit from a swap or replacement. This POE portal affords a person who has an Internet connection to review discount prices. The activated module at the top of this page displays VIN and stock data automatically.

As an alternative option, a GM service expert can go into detail by phone. The phone number provided here is the main link between customer service and the average buyer of parts. Full warranty support, shipping fees and other data can be provided over the phone.

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