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Used Pontiac Phoenix 2.5L Engine

Phoenix vehicles from Pontiac used the 2.5L engine during the 1980 to 1984 years of production. This version was a smaller build compared to the V6 and V8 models that were first used in 1977. Vehicle platform changes and a more economical engine were ultimately the demise of the Phoenix brand. The good news is that a person can still find a Pontiac Phoenix 2.5L engine in used condition at this auto components website.

Different from the first edition vehicles, the second generation of production by GM during the 1980s include a 5-door hatchback. Instead of investing in the rear-wheel drive compatible motors, the front-wheel drive was offered for the LE and the SE versions of the Phoenix. This model was the same unit badged as the Chevy Citation during the 4 years that it was produced with the 2.5-liter I4.

Pontiac Phoenix Car Engines

There was a short-lived V6 that was produced in the later production years of the Phoenix motor vehicle. This was the 2.8-liter that found fame inside of the Citation. What was important to car owners was the acceptance of the 3-speed manual transmission or automatic transmissions with the I4 and V6 blocks. Most of the Pontiac Phoenix cars for sale offered dual gearboxes.

The Grand Am was the car that replaced the Pontiac Phoenix car in the General Motors lineup. The 1984 year was one of great changes in the vehicle industry. Motors were becoming smaller, fuel systems were upgraded and consumers had less disposable income. The saving grace for a lot of owners of vehicles and automotive mechanics is searching the preowned market for replacement builds.

How to Buy Used 2.5L Pontiac Engines

Due to technological improvements, the ordering on this website has been updated. A person can go ahead with an order or just receive a quotation in price. There is an e-commerce tool here that improves the ordering processing for consumers. The motor for a 1984 Pontiac Phoenix 2 door can be found in the current inventory listed on this page.

A person can easily review what the listed sale prices are by including a nameplate and a year in the search tool. This data is then processed by the system in order to come up with the selling price. From scrap yards to automotive resellers, there is a respected supplier network here. It will be hard for motor buyer to not find something that was made in the past 40 years.

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