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Toyota Prius 1.5L Engine for Sale

The Prius has used the 1.5L engine as part of its Hybrid technology since the year 2000. The compact, mid-size, sedan or hatchback models all had the same motor block installed. Toyota designed the phase one concept car in the year 1997. Demand in the global market helped consumers recognize what the Toyota Prius 1.5L engine could do in the USA.

4-Valve 1.5-Liter Motor Specs

The production code for the first generation Prius is known as NHW11. This is the internal naming scheme Toyota uses. The actual block has a different code. The 1NZ-FXE was developed exclusively as a modern day alternative to gasoline power. The data sheet lists a 13:0:1 compression ratio. A DOHC block design is included. An SFI fuel system as well. The inclusion of VVT-i camshaft round it all out.

The used Prius engines for sale that are provided on this page are all checked for quality. The performance and intended horsepower are also verified. Someone who will spend time buying a product in used condition should be aware of how motors are graded. An “A”, “B” or “C” rating is given to most Toyota salvage yard products.

VIN K 5th digit or VIN B 5th digit relate to what body type the Prius has. During the quest to find a second hand version, it is possible to order the wrong type. The importance of matching a vehicle ID number is critical when buying aftermarket auto parts.

Warranties for 1.5-Liter Prius Motors

The standard warranty at the Preowned Engines company is 36 months. This term is in place from the moment an order is placed. It will take activation of this coverage in order for it to be valid. Toyota did a good job of installing OEM parts that need to be protected. Consumers who buy using this website automatically receive a 16-valve I4 warranty.

1.5L Prius Engines for Sale

In order to fully appreciate a discounted MSRP, getting a quote in price is best. Domestic sellers are plentiful on the Internet. What changes is where inventory is found and how it is delivered. All junk yard partners that do the actual pricing and shipping of four-cylinder Hybrid engine inventory here are professional.

Calling in to the POE company to receive a price is equally rewarding. Any Toyota Prius parts buyer will be treated fairly by an honest associate. It can help to double check a block stamp or other data before calling. Help is just a call away and there is no charge for dialing the number.

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