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Hyundai Motor Company has produced engines for the global market since the 1970s. While this Korean auto group is relatively new to the U.S., the quality of motors cannot be denied when compared to other brands of vehicles. Partnerships with other automakers helped Hyundai to create its own mark in the auto community. There are more than 20 engine families that hold the Hyundai name. A way to purchase Hyundai engines cheaply is provided here online.

Like other automakers in the world, Hyundai splits up its manufacturing between diesel and gasoline builds. These units are further separated by displacements of each engine block. The straight three-cylinder engine series was one of the first diesel motors built in the 1970s. The newly formed Kappa engine family has been in production since 2008 in the standard 1.0L size. More than half of the motors that are produced globally by Hyundai are diesel builds. The development of the straight-four engine builds was prominently used in U.S. exports.

Used Hyundai Engines for Sale Online

Researching who makes Hyundai engines before you buy can be difficult. The truth is that this auto company uses its own engineering facilities and those of other automakers to produce modern engines. A close partnership with General Motors has helped introduce the 3.3L V6 engine. This sedan engine base is one of the motors that are represented for sale on this resource. Motors for vehicles like Genesis, Accent, Sonata and Tiburon are acquired for instant sale through trusted supplier partnerships.

Hyundai is now producing sedans, luxury cars, sport utility vehicles and new hybrid designs. Each motor that is placed inside of these vehicles is based on the engine families that are currently in production. One good thing about imported Hyundai engines is the longevity these units provide. Most OEM warranties from Hyundai continue to protect the powertrain for a 10-year period after purchase. While most engines on this resource come with an appointed warranty, there are some sellers on the Internet not currently warranting used Hyundai engines for sale.

How to Purchase Hyundai Engines Online

Helping buyers to stretch engine dollars is the goal of this resource. There are plenty of motors listed for the MSRP Hyundai dealerships place on units for sale. The secondary market supply agencies that are used to fill up the inventory found on this page help to keep the prices lower for all buyers. Any buyer can take advantage of sales savings using the tools provided here. To obtain a price quote, information can be inserted into the quotes system offered here. The box on the top of every page will get the quotes process started. Price quotes are distributed in this manner or by toll-free number. The low sticker pricing and two-year inclusion of warranty plans makes the used Hyundai motors here an excellent value.

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