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Mercury was one of the luxury divisions of the Ford Motor Company for more than 73 years. The termination of this brand in 2011 created a huge shortage in the replacement parts market. Most of the Mercury vehicles were replicas of other Ford vehicles as well as the technologies used in the powertrain. This resource provides easy ways to research and purchase Mercury engines. The preowned motors that are marketed on this website are builds derived from automotive distributors and other partners.

There were hundreds of vehicles that carried the Mercury nameplate. All engine types were used across the manufacturing processes to build these vehicles. Some of the more notable brands in the past 30 years includes: Grand Marquis, Mountaineer, Marauder, Villager, Sable, Milan, Mystique, Cougar and Monterey. The good thing for engine buyers is that second hand motor still exist for the Mercury motor vehicle brand. The used engines for sale inside the inventory marketed here remain in good condition.

Used Mercury Vehicle Engines with Warranties

Mercury vehicles were exclusively sold in the U.S. and in Canada. Some vehicles featured different engines depending on the country of release. Most units are four-cylinder and six-cylinder builds. These are the same engines used in all Ford vehicles that had sister vehicles in the Mercury brand. Buying a previously owned Mercury motor online always takes research. This is required to ensure that any purchase is free of the types of flaws that some used engines can have. The Preowned Engines company ensures all buyers receive a two-year after-sale warranty.

All Ford equivalent motors featured on this website are true builds. What this means to buyers is that all motors bare the Ford nameplate. This is important due to the OEM specs that are expected by engine purchasers. Buying a motor that was taken directly out of a vehicle in good condition is best. All featured motors on this website are removed from vehicles in above average condition. All mileage remains verified and shipment policies help deliver engines that are sold free of freight charges. There are few resources left in the U.S. to find Mercury engines in stock. This resource is one of the largest online.

How to Purchase Mercury Engines

Engine quotes are how prices are given to the public here. This is a method to update each individual buyer on the actual purchase price. Distributor pricing does change and this can throw off the standard preowned motor purchase price displayed here. The quotes that are given out to buyers are accurate. The system right on this page is able to guarantee pricing online. If an online quote is not suitable, calling the support line offered here connects callers with a trained engine specialist. Prices, warranties, free freight and any other matters can be discussed by phone before purchases are complete.

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