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Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L Engine Sale

The Ram 1500 truck used the 5.2L engine from 1981 to 1994. Not much changed on the 318 block for nearly 15 years. The Dodge nameplate is the oldest in the North American auto industry. Both the gasoline and diesel powered variants share equal fame among consumers. By way of Chrysler salvage yards, a Dodge Ram 1500 5.2L engine is for sale here.

318 V8 Versus Magnum V8

The overhead valve (OHV) manufacturing laid the groundwork for development of pickup truck motors in the 1980s. The respected but modest horsepower of 140 to 170 in the 318 was accepted by truck owners. It was not until the 1992 year when Dodge vehicles were equipped with the 5.2-liter Magnum upgrade.

The main difference between the original and the new edition was the compression. A 9:5:1 ratio compared to 9:1:1 was achieved through improvement in the airflow system. This greatly increased the horsepower to a whopping 230. The cast iron construction of the block did not hinder the top speed of the Magnum V8.

Apart from the LA base, the fuel systems were different on all 5.2L blocks. The pushrod technology was the same although TBI (throttle body injection) was not added until the mid 1980s. The first versions had a two-barrel carburetor. Late model versions had MPFI injection like the 5.2 l Jeep V8 engine.

VIN Y Ram 1500 Motors

Depending on the vehicle identification number, an EGR valve hole might be missing. When someone shops the used auto parts market, not every retailer will post the factory Dodge specs. There were two editions available. One without the EGR cover and one with the cover. Ordering the incorrect block will cause problems during the installation.

Classic Truck Engine Warranties

Dodge, now Ram trucks, are among the top performing vehicles in the world. No component is safe from deterioration or imminent breakage. Consumers are usually protected with a warranty plan. These are only offered by legitimate resellers of preowned truck motors. Each 36-month document that people receive when buying here covers most OEM applications.

Buy Used 5.2L Dodge Engines

A link to the e-commerce store is provided when entering the quotes tool. Someone confused about how this works should not feel embarrassed. Planning a 1500 Ram swap requires knowing the sale pricing. By checking the VIN number and production year, a full price is delivered while on this portal. A call to the service professionals offline will not result in an order processing delay for assemblies in stock.

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