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Saturn 1.9L Engine Used

The SOHC 1.9 engine used in Saturn vehicles was first created in the year 1991. The original build was based on I4 technology at the General Motors company. One thing that engines in Saturn vehicles had that rival vehicles did not was full support for two different motor blocks. A person ready to buy a Saturn 1.9L engine used on this website will save money.

Single Overhead Cam 1.9 Motor

The early Saturn 1.9 was known as a throttle body motor. This injection system used slightly older fuel technology to generate a portion of the horsepower. The original LK0 block was rated at only 85 horsepower upon its debut to start the 1990s. The SOHC version had a respectable 9:3:1 ratio of compression. As a top gasoline engine for GM, the 1.9 weighed approximately 196 pounds.

There are 8 valves in the LK0 motor block. The same amount of valves are featured in the upgraded L24 series. The easiest way to tell these two blocks apart is by first reviewing the horsepower rating. There is 100 horsepower offered in the L24 block and a separate fuel injection system. These were two of the most appreciated upgrades in Saturn twin cam powered cars.

Saturn S-Series I4 1.9-Liter

Until the year 1999, the 1.9-liter motor was manufactured in in the single overhead cam version. GM did provide an update to air and combustion technology when it did introduce the DOHC build. The LL0 build was one of the final engines tapped for installation in the the late model Saturn vehicles. The changing technology and emergence of the Ecotec platform killed off the 1.9L Saturn engine series.

What makes a Saturn engine good? While there are plenty of imitators, there are few originators of a solid I4 motor block. GM learned from early mistakes in the Chevrolet and Buick series to build a better 4-cylinder motor for sedan and coupe cars. The changes for the water cooled 1.9L provided to be a success. The Saturn used its 1.9L engine for the entire production until it was discontinued in the year 2002.

Best 1.9L Saturn Engine Prices

It takes knowledge of dealer-to-dealer sales to gain an advantage over the retail industry. While auto dealerships no longer support sales for brand new Saturn motors, what can be found are used editions that are still good for replacement. A good motor will always survive repeated use especially when a warranty is provided.

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