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Saturn Ion 2.2L Engine for Sale

The Ion from Saturn used a 2.2L engine as part of its powertrain package. The four-cylinder edition was found in the sedan and quad coupe. A three-year production period was part of the national marketing at GM for its Saturn compact automobiles. Someone trying to locate a Saturn Ion 2.2L engine for sale can browse the inventory on this website.

L61 RPO Code Specs

The 2200 or 2.2-liter is identified as the L61 in GM specs. A grand total of 134 cubic inches are found in the block data. The ratio of compression is 9:5:1 or 10:0:1. The quad coupe was the performance edition released in 2002 for the 2003 model year.

The total RPM rating per General Motors specs is 5800. This is the red line performance that a person can expect to find in a regular Ion motor. The inclusion of an electronic throttle control did change the specs slightly for the 2005 manufacturing year.

The block is configured with aluminum heads. This is standard on most builds that come from official GM factories. A 5-speed manual transmission and a 5-speed automatic were to two gearboxes that were offered with the Saturn version of the L61 family.

The Ecotec nameplate is the foundation for the 2.2L model. This installation was the first of many for compact automobiles that were marketed in the mid 2000s.

Problems with Ion Car Motors

The reliability of inline four-cylinder products is part of what General Motors is known for globally. While there have been no service bulletins issued for the Ion Ecotec version, some problems have been attributed to mechanical failures. Defects in power steering, coil failure and leaking gas gaps have been announced by some consumers.

The L61 engine for sale here in second hand condition is a verified edition. These were pulled immediately out of tested automobiles. The count for total block mileage is always supplied when known. A low mileage variant is what most people try to find while planning to swap a 2.2.

Prices for Saturn 2.2-Liter Engines

The gasoline powered versions that are promoted here for sale come with warranty protection. These policies were written by underwriting experts to help the public. Most gaskets, sensors and other modules that were factory installed are covered. When it comes to learning what sale price is given, two methods are popular on this POE portal.

A general quote that includes a check of the VIN information is processed online. The tools here take someone through the prompt quotation procedure. Anything not quoted on the web can be accurately estimated in MSRP by calling by phone. No person is delayed when calling the knowledgeable product staff.

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