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Saturn S Series Engine

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Saturn was launched by GM in 1985 as a new affordable automobile brand. The Saturn vehicles were produced in the U.S. and meant for direct sale to consumers. The S Series vehicles used the same engine for the entire run of production. The Saturn S Series engine that is provided here at PreownedEngines.com offers quality units for resale or easy installation.

The 1.9 engine was produced in three different editions. These are determined by the code that is on the block of each unit. The 1.9 four-cylinder can be identified by the codes of LK0, LL0 or L24. These were introduced between 1990 and 2002. Slight changes in horsepower and other electronics were offered with every new motor built.

Used Saturn S Series Engine for Sale

While Saturn S motors were virtually the same, different transmissions were used by GM. There were different types of MP series gearboxes that were used in conjunction with the 1.9 motor. Any researchers of the Saturn edition engines on this website can rest assured that each engine is compatible with different gearboxes. These units are original builds acquired only from national sources.

Every 1.9 four-cylinder engine built by GM located through the inventory on this website features a long-term warranty. Engines that are sold from auctions are not always paired with a coverage plan. The S Series editions found through this website include a coverage plan that is in place for a three-year period. The low mileage count on each engine block is just a bonus for buyers.

How to buy a Saturn S Series Engine

There are plenty of resources to find used motors for sale. There are fewer resources that actually publicize pricing. The PreownedEngines.com company always markets pricing to the public. These prices are featured inside the savvy quote system on this page. Every user who uses the quote system is asked for their engine type and vehicle year. This provides an automated price.

Calling customer support can be just as good to find prices. The toll-free phone support number on this resource makes it easy to locate an engine price. A full team of Saturn motor specialists are on staff here. This means that all questions about engine mileage, VIN numbers or available engine codes are answered directly. Information about shipment delivery times and sticker prices is also presented to every caller.

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