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Saturn VUE 2.4L Engine Sale Priced

The 2.4L engine was used in Saturn VUE automobiles between 2007 to 2009. As the top compact SUV for GM, the VUE was hand selected to lead the USA market sales. The construction of this vehicle was under the Theta platform at General Motors. Before someone swaps out a four-cylinder motor, it is helpful to buy a Saturn VUE 2.4L engine sale priced here.

2.4-Liter I4 Motor Specs

The RPO code to identify the Saturn block is LE5. During the manufacturing period, there was a mixture of 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder builds used. For only a two-year period, the 169 horsepower Ecotec technology was placed into the Saturn SUV.

The red line limit was about 6200 RPM. 2384 cc is listed in the official specs as the cubic centimeter data. The 145 CID was modded out with a 10:4:1 ratio for compression. The fuel system in use for the 2.4 was the MPFI series.

The success of the first motor platform helped GM to develop its Generation II. The block stamp is VIN Z 8th digit for the gasoline version. There were hybrid blocks known as the Green Line trim built although these were phased out in the late 2000s.

A four-gear automatic transmission is the most common to find behind the Ecotec I4. When someone goes to buy a replacement block, knowing which gearboxes are compatible is necessary.

Used Saturn VUE Ecotec Block Warranty

What is the standard OEM warranty for a used motor? A typical retailer will promote a 30 up to a 90-day warranty package. When coverage is this limited, it is traditionally a sign that problems might exist with the original parts. Tests that are conducted help to differentiate working blocks and problematic units.

The PreownedEngines.com company warranty package is currently two or three years of protection. This amount is given out for free to consumers. No additional fees for freight and other regular expenses are added to the final MSRP price tag.

Buy Complete VUE Engines Here

What is a complete motor? In the simplest terms, a complete build is one that includes all original parts and is available in crate form. Because Saturn is no longer an active brand, the inventory can be slim from some domestic resellers. Through a computerized search procedure, VIN and price matching happens at this POE website.

A quick call into the customer relations department can help clear up questions about used Ecotec engine blocks for sale. A helpful person who knows what buyers need to know answers all phone calls. E-mail support can be acquired using the contact form here.

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