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Kia Sedona 3.5L Engine

Sedona vans by Kia used 3.5L engine blocks when marketed in the USA. While produced for the global auto industry, the minivan models did supply V6 power in the LX and EX trim versions. Since the year 2002, consumers have depended on the quality of the Sedona nameplate. A second hand Kia Sedona 3.5L engine is up for sale at this website.

3.5-Liter Kia Motor Specs

A grand total of 195 horsepower can be found in the first production run. There were actually three different motors manufactured. The G6DB was the smallest V6 in 3.3-liter size offered in the Kia vans. The change to the Lambda platform promoted new interest from buyers. Production of the Sedona has been green-lighted for subsequent years in North America.

The typical code stamp on the bottom of a 3.5L block will have more than one identifier. The VIN 1 8th digit, VIN 7 8th digit and VIN 2 8th digit all refer to the Sedona V6. Minor changes in air flow, performance and sensors differentiate the code numbers.

Depending on the market, the minivans were sold with a 4-speed, 5-speed or 6-speed transmission. What a person should know when swapping a 6-cylinder is what gearbox he or she has. This can be achieved with a vehicle ID number match here online.

Warranties for 3.5L V6

The base warranty package that any person receives shopping here is 36 months. This is an extended time period. The policies protect much better than regular 90-day warranties on the secondary market. Because of strict supplier policies, each coverage plan has its own terms based on the automaker and age of the block.

Price Quotes for Used Kia Engines

A complete block is the only product listed on this website. What this refers to is one that has already been independently verified. A good testing procedure validates if rust or electrical problems exist. A 30-point inspection by a qualified technician provides the condition of what is listed as on sale here. Getting a price quote takes literally no work.

A toll-free phone number or web price finder can be used by anyone at POE. The tools and information given are educational in nature. The e-commerce checkout tool will easily process an order should someone want to follow through with their purchase. Extra help is always provided and each associate who provides assistance is a professional.

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