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SHO V8 Engine for Sale

The SHO is a Ford V8 engine that was for sale in the Taurus sedan. The 3.4L displacement was based on Yamaha suggestions. The 60-degree block was built in the year 1996. It was phased out as a regular production motor in the 1999 year. A person who will swap this series can buy an SHO V8 engine for sale direct from the source to cut down on costs.

Specs of the 3.4 Liter

The style of the block maintained the popular DOHC construction. Ford began investing into this type of air flow system to boost acceleration. A timing chain was installed that was attached to the camshaft that works similar to GM designs. The Taurus SHO V8 engine was picked to be a major competitor in the automotive sedan market.

The Duratec family of blocks constructed around the same time period used similar parts. The horsepower amount was 235. This was in part because of the 32-valve specs. This was how the build received its Super High Output moniker. Like many modern components, the casing and heads are made from aluminum.

The weight of the block is above 450 pounds. This is a good bit of data to understand. Shipping this unit a far distance could raise the selling price. This does not happen at POE since all freight is free of charge to business customers.

Used 3.4 Taurus V8 Motor

The Taurus is one make and model that is supported in our warehouse. What we sell here is always taken from known sources. These do include national auto auctions, wrecking yards and acquire from private owners. Taking apart the internal components is quite a task. What we guarantee is that a thorough cleaning has removed about 99 percent of surface grime.

A three-year warranty plan is given at the time someone orders a unit. This is a policy that is locked into place. Not all people buying from POE are just shopping. Mechanics and resellers frequently use us as a middleman to send used Ford V8 engines to consumers in the USA.

Buy a Ford 3.4 V8 for Sale

Good prices are one of many things all people get shopping here. Tap into the daily discounts we supply by using our calculator application. This tool is a modern way to retrieve all details connected to what we have in stock. You do not have to wait in line at a Ford dealership. Give us a few moments to save you some money.

We even invest our time and talent into hiring respected employees. The toll-free number for orders is our only form of contact. Before you end up looking somewhere else for a motor, try out our company first. Many first-time customers become repeat customers overnight. You can estimate the price for a swap by relying on this website.