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Silverado 5.3L Engine for Sale Used

LM7 is the RPO code for 5.3L Silverado engines. This Vortec brand was used by GM starting in the year 1999. Known as an upgrade block, the 5300 platform was the small-block V8 variety. The 1500 light-duty pickup trucks with Chevy nameplates were the first to receive this option. Good prices for a used Silverado 5.3L engine for sale are supplied here online.

VIN T 8th Digit 5.3-Liter Specs

The full range of power delivered in the Silverado varies between motors. The early editions were able to output 270 horsepower. As the Generation III manufacturing was altered, the performance increased annually. 290 hp is the top of the scale for the 5300 Vortec engine.

The L33 was the high output or HO edition. These builds were strictly offered in the USA from 2005 to 2007. General Motors had already delivered several variants of the 5.3 to truck owners. Big changes were announced during the model year 2007. GM was shifting to a 6.0-liter to power the Chevrolet Silverado trucks.

Cast Iron or Aluminum Head 5.3

The difference between the LM4 and L59 are the heads and fuel options. Flex fuel became popular for controlling miles per gallon in the 2000s. Aluminum constructed headers were placed in the LM4 5300 motors. Regarding what can be purchased here, any RPO code over the past 25 years is likely in stock and shippable nationwide.

Deciphering warranty documentation is hard for used auto parts buyers. Getting stuck with the 30 to 90-day coverage plans helps no one. PreownedEngines.com has verified agreements with salvage and junk components companies. This is where products come from and how they are protected over the long haul.

5.3L Chevy Silverado Engine Prices

The high price tag of some blocks turns people away. Taking note of second hand inventory is just part of the buying equation. Factoring in the cost of freight, core fees and installation expenses is a must. The offline warehouse research system on this page does wonders for truck owners.

A full scale price exploration is possible here. A quote can even be obtained calling into the consumer accessible service department seven days a week. This leaves no room for errors. The talented and respected associates answering the phone at POE are friendly. No person is left in the cold when help is needed. There is hardly a simpler way to buy used Silverado truck engines for a discount on the web.

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